ASAP 4 oz Gel

ASAP 4 oz Gel
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ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Natural Healing Gel, Silver Biotics Gel, American Biotech Labs, 4 oz
4 ounces of 24ppm Ultimate Skin, and Body Topical Gel with Silver Sol Technology. Uses: Wound Care, Burns, General Skin Conditioning, Cosmetic Pre Base, Acne, Sunburn, Cuts, Sores, Rashes, Topical Antibiotic, Skin Irritations, and Germ protection. All Natural product with No Known Side Effects.  Patented and proven safe.              
• Doctor Recommended

• Proven Safe

• Unique SilverSol Technology™

• Patented Process, Patented Product And Uses Under Patent #7,135,195 And Other Patents And Patents Pending

• Thousands of Microbial Tests

• Peer Review Scientific Papers

• Mother Approved

American Biotech Labs® (ABL) has created products to advance the science of disinfection, body, wound, and skin care, using its unique and patented ASAP SilverSol Technology™. These new products have been engineered for cosmetic, animal, and pharmaceutical applications.

Wound Care Using ASAP SilverSol Technology™

One of the outstanding features of the ASAP SilverSol Technology™ is its proven ability to be a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, while remaining non-toxic to humans and animals at recommended use levels. Over 160 reports and test series have arisen from doctors, the military, government, universities and humanitarian groups etc., where American Biotech Labs’® products were being tested and used to solve many of humanity’s most deadly problems. Because of the impressive information being generated by these groups, management decided to extend this extraordinary technology into new medical applications, by using the ASAP SilverSol Technology™ as the base for creating new skin care, burn and also wound-care gel products. It took three full-time doctors over 18 months to perfect the engineering of American Biotech Labs’® new gel line of wound and skin care products.

ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care™

American Biotech Labs® originally designed the line of products for major wound care, but in testing found that people were reporting incredible results with the product for numerous cosmetic applications. For this reason management developed a new version to be used as a cosmetic. The new cosmetic product is named ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care. As the name denotes, ABL management feels this product is, in fact, the ultimate skin and body care product ever created. The ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care product is a cosmetic gel product that only claims it “Helps Promote Natural Healing”. It is sold as a cosmetic, and as such, by law, the company (specifically on this product) cannot, and does not, make any bacteria, yeast, or fungus-killing claims. The active ingredient is ABL’s patented ASAP SilverSol Technology™ at a powerful level of 24 ppm of silver. The product is currently being used by thousands of men and women to help heal and renew skin all over the body. It has already become a necessary ingredient for many women’s daily skin-care routines, as it helps heal and instantly makes their skin feel noticeably softer (within two minutes). Tens of thousands of tubes have already been sold on the market and sales continue to jump even though the company has only recently started product promotions. It is already available through most of the national natural product distribution companies.

Doctors Using ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care

Numerous studies have already been completed using the product to help alleviate skin and body discomfort and speed natural healing. Two reports have been issued by a large cancer clinic, stating that the product soothes the pain and irritation on burns the patients receive when being treated with radiation, and the heal times have been exceptionally fast. Two written reports have been received from dentists who use the product in a number of dental applications, including brushing their gums with it to promote healthy gums and teeth, and also for a number of other applications. Hundreds of MD’s and ND’s are currently using the product with their patients, and are reporting exciting results on things like diaper rash, yeast infections, rashes, cuts, itching, bug bites, and sunburns, etc. where the product soothes pain and itch and helps promote natural healing.

What Is The ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care Product?

The ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care product is a highly advanced product that helps in natural wound healing. It is created with all the patented abilities of American Biotech Labs’ powerful ASAP SilverSol Technology™ at a full 24 ppm of silver content. The product has some very specific advantages over regular cosmetic skin care or wound care products:

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care is non cytotoxic (it won’t hurt normal human cells).

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment, and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care helps ease the discomfort associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care has no smell, no alcohol, and needs no refrigeration.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care will remain stable from 17N to 113N Fahrenheit.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care was proven non-toxic in oral administration in mouse-model safety studies at up to 5000 mg/kg of body weight.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care is designed using ABL’s patented silver technology and only food grade gelling additives. This means it is safe and non-toxic, even if a child were to accidently eat a whole tube of it.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care is non-irritating to either the skin, mouth, or eyes.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care is not greasy, contains no alcohol, and if rubbed into the skin, will absorb within 2 minutes, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft, non-sticky feeling.

• ASAP® Ultimate Skin & Body Care in hand-scrub tests (as per SOP- 21) helped to keep the skin clean for up to four hours after application.


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