Ora Wellness' Brushing Blend

Ora Wellness' Brushing Blend
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It's a fact...that 90% of adults have active gum disease with signs ranging from swollen gums and bad breath to bleeding gums, receding gums and loose teeth. These symptoms are so common that most of us don't even equate them with gum disease.

Thankfully, the path to a healthier mouth is clear...

OraWellness offers Organic Solutions to gum problems and periodontal disease that are safe and effective, giving you the tools to take control of your oral health!
It’s true, gum disease is rampant. In fact, most people who suffer from gum disease don’t even know they have it!


If you want to kill the bad bugs in your mouth that cause gum disease without harsh chemicals, artificial colors or other toxic ingredients, let me introduce you to the OraWellness Brushing Blend!

How does the Brushing Blend work?
The organic and wildcrafted essential oils in the Brushing Blend do three jobs:
    •    Effectively kill the bacteria that cause gum disease
    •    Make it more difficult for the bacteria to deposit plaque on the tooth surfaces
    •    Support the gum tissue to heal by promoting greater blood circulation

How do I use the Brushing Blend?
You can use the Brushing Blend by itself or in addition to your regular toothpaste. Apply 3 to 4 drops of Brushing Blend onto your toothbrush and brush as usual. Remember, the bacteria that cause gum disease can double every 20 minutes! For best results, brush at least 2 minutes twice daily using the Brushing Blend.
Another way to use the Brushing Blend is to put a drop or two in some water and swish for a mid day mouth freshener. The organic botanicals will safely and gently kill the bad bugs which stops the cause of bad breath while providing your mouth with a tingly, alive feeling that lasts for hours.

What makes the Brushing Blend so great?
     •    Made with Organic ingredients so you know you are getting the highest quality
    •    Quickly kills the bacteria that cause gum disease while it freshens breath
    •    Supports the healing of damaged gum tissue
    •    Increases saliva production which is highly beneficial to stop gum disease
    •    Does not contain any nasty fillers, colors or other toxic ingredients!

Organic cinnamon oil
Organic peppermint oil
Organic clove oil
Organic spearmint oil
Organic myrrh oil
Wildcrafted manuka oil
Organic almond oil

Why Organic?
We believe in the ethics of organically grown food. Research has proven that plants grown organically have higher nutrient content. Therefore, since we use organic essential oils, you can be sure that the Brushing Blend has the strongest antibacterial oils available. You also can rest knowing that the the Brushing Blend has no lingering pesticide residues!

Taken From:  Ora Wellness, for a LOT more information, visit Ora Wellness - click here.


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